Empowerment Through Therapy

Many people believe therapy is for individuals who are "broken" or "crazy." But therapy isn't about "fixing" you because you are not broken and you are not crazy. You are an individual in need of love, understanding, and healing.

Therapy is about empowering you to make positive changes in your life.

Services at Moonlight Mental Health include psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families. For more information about psychotherapy services please visit the Psychotherapy page. 


At this moment I will have to pause the Grief and Self-Discovery support groups. I am unable to say when groups will resume, please check back for updates and don't hesitate to reach out! I will be offering several support groups. While each group explores it's own topic, there are 2 overarching themes. One set of groups is for individuals dealing with grief and the other set of groups is for individuals looking to explore various aspects of their identity. For more information please see the Support Group page.