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Moonlight Mental Health is devoted to holistic wellness and therefore offers various types of services. For rates, select the service you are interested in by clicking the link for said service.

Note: Currently, all sessions are held virtually.

Life coaching

Psychotherapy provides a safe environment in which you can explore your past and it's connection to your present. Additionally, psychotherapy is about empowering you to make positive changes in your life.

Formats: Individual, couples, family

Number of sessions: There is no set number of sessions. Several factors determine when therapy ends, thus this will be discussed when the client or therapist believe it is necessary.

Check out this article for more information: Psychology Today

Staff Meeting

Support groups are an alternative or additional service to psychotherapy. Groups provide an opportunity for people to share personal experiences, feelings, and coping strategies about a specific topic. Members are able to receive and offer comfort and support to those struggling with similar issues.

Moonlight Mental Health holds a Self-Discovery group and a Grief Support group. Various topics are covered within each group. 

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